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BioDome UV-Doming

BioDome (UV-Doming) is a solvent free and non hazardous 1 component raisin. It
has very low smell and is einvironmentally friendly. The raisin is applied to
the stickers with air pressure and with a measurement device. After the raisin
has formed the dome over the media, it will be dried inside an UV oven, which is
specifilally designed and developed for this application. As a result the drying
time is a few minutes only.

UV-Dried Doming Material with the following features
  • Curing in a few minutes
  • No clean room required
  • Easy handling; program your own shapes (also letters and complex figures)
  • Long lifetime of UV-lamps due to short curing time
Advantages of BioDome
  • Single component resin with integrated UV protection for indoor (e.g. keychainres) and outdoor (e.g. cars) use
  • No mixing required. No waste - No cleaning - No complicated handling
  • Enviroment responsible product - no irritiations for human skin meeting future EU environmental laws
  • REACH compliant - no solvent and Isocyanate
  • Low viscosity for highest production speed
Additional advantages of the New UV-Resin SP-580
  • Very High transparency during and after curing
  • Less yellowing
  • Optimized adhesion
  • Very high scratch resistance
  • Longer UV stability
  • Smoother material move over the sticker (less material consumption)
  • Larger Domings possible   

Download BioDome Brochure

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