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Environmental friendly products


Advantages of mild solvent inks without Cyclohexanone No Cyclohexanone Logo

  • Less harmful for environment
  • Less harmful for human beings
  • Less smell
  • Very short drying time for highest productivity
  • Excellent price/value
  • 20-30% less consumption due to high density
  • Very good UV-stability (Blauwoll-scale 7-8)
  • Hight resistance against scratching, even on normal vinyl
  • Consistant batch to batch quality through process control
  • Pigment size of 0,1 micron, which ist the lowest in the industry

Advantages of Water Based Textile Inks

  • No smell
  • Not hazardous
  • Not subject to identification regulations under EC Directives 67/548/EEC and 1999/45/EC
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